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We believe the quality of our decisions is a direct result of the quality of the thinking that precedes them and creating a space for generative thinking is essential for effective coaching.

Forging partnerships for powerful thinking, our executive coaching programmes are designed to increase the personal effectiveness of leaders so that they can best deliver results for their organisations.

Drawing from a range of disciplines, we view adult learning as a process of growing into who we are and becoming more fully alive and self-aware. From this position of increased self-knowledge we are able to make more resourceful choices and take ownership of how we impact on the lives of others.

We understand the multiple agendas around a coaching contract and our programme is designed to increase honest communication between all stakeholders in the best interests of the business. This feeds through into an evaluation process with the emphasis on business benefits.

Did you know that almost 40% of management careers fail within the first six months of a new appointment? Or that the principal reason is not lack of knowledge or technical expertise, but a failure to grasp what a new role requires and how to build sustainable alliances?

With recruitment costs now averaging more than £6000, organisations cannot afford to get it wrong when they make a management appointment. Whether promoting from within, or bringing in new blood, the challenge is the same: What can we do to give ourselves the best possible chance of making a new appointment work?

Having designed and delivered highly successful First 100 Days coaching programmes, we at The Coach Within have a wealth of experience in enabling management transitions. We focus on aligning the needs of the organisation with the abilities and aspirations of newly appointed managers, reducing the time required for them to make maximum impact and minimising the likelihood of failure.

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